Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oxygen8 & Oxygen25 Transport Buttons with GarageBand Garage Remote

Oxygen8 transport buttons

Oxygen25 transport buttons

Both the Oxygen8 & Oxygen25 have transport buttons to control playback, recording and cursor shuttling. With the latest driver, the Oxygen25 works natively, but the Oxygen8 does not. Follow the instructions below for the Oxygen8. If you have the Oxygen 25, install the latest driver here.

For the Oxygen8, download a free application called Garage Remote here and follow these instructions:

When installed, a new preference pane will appear in your System Preferences:

Change the MIDI messages to the following

Switch to the Listener tab and enable Start Listener when you login, then open the listener.

Now it should work, open GarageBand and try them out.


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