Friday, October 14, 2011

Fermata Friday: Creating Kicks Over Time in Sibelius

If you have any experience using Finale, you’re probably well aware that creating kicks over time is not exactly an intuitive process. Thankfully, Sibelius has a bit of a different approach to this ever so common notation.

To start, select layer 1 on the keypad and enter your “kicks” on the first space above the staff.

Next, switch to layer 2 on the keypad and enter four quarter notes on the middle line of the staff.

Now, select the quarter notes you just entered and hit ⌥⇧3 (option+shift+3).

Voilà! You now have slash notation under your “kicks”. The only thing you may have left to do is select any rests and nudge them up a bit.

-by LC Tech Blog contributor Michal Skrzypek


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