Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Waveform Wednesday: Tidying Up A Logic Session (part 1)

Does the amount of information on your arrange window ever make you feel claustrophobic?   In Logic, we can organize untidy tracks and regions in various ways.  Here is one feature that sweeps tracks “under the rug,” so to speak.

In this session there are 14 tracks full of regions.  When we are done editing any of the tracks, we can get them out of our hair using the ‘Hide’ feature.

Click on the “H” icon located at the top left of the arrange window.  The icon will turn green and an “H” icon will appear next to the “record enable” feature of each track.

Once you decide that a track is done for the time being, click on the “H” icon for that track, then click back on the “H” icon located at the top left of the arrange window to hide the tracks the tracks that don’t need to clutter up your space. 

You will notice the original green “H” icon turns orange, and your tracks are now out of the way, and can be brought back at any time, simply by clicking back on the “H.”

-by LC Tech Blog contributor Lonn Hayes


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