Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changing Page Size in Finale

Notation Week is going on at the Learning Center so everyday this week we'll be posting a new blog entry including helpful tips for using Finale and Sibelius.  Today's post will explain how to change the page size in Finale.

By default, new Finale documents are set up as "letter" sized documents. Although this can be changed on the first screen of the "Setup Wizard," many people want to change it later on. The page size can be changed at any time in Finale, using the Page Layout Tool. Go to Page Layout menu, and choose "Page Size…"

The menu that comes up lets you easily customize the page size for the current part/score (or, all parts with or without score). You can also adjust the orientation: "Portrait" (vertical) or "Landscape" (horizontal) view.
If you are planning on printing your document you also need to change the page size under the File menu, then Printer Page Setup.


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