Monday, May 16, 2011

Mac Daddy Monday: The iLife Suite Aps

Welcome to iLife ‘11. iLife is a suite of applications that includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD. The Learning Center offers training and tutoring sessions on these applications and more, starting with our iLife Suite Overview session this Friday, May 20th at 11am. Sign up here! Learn to use them all, and you have a portable studio with your new Berklee laptop. Let’s go through the aps:

iPhoto is an editor, organizer and sync-er for your digital images. Crop images, apply black and white and sepia tone effects, remove red eye and upload directly to Facebook. iPhoto can organize your photos with great sophostication as well.

With iMovie, you can import video from a camcorder, or take video directly from your laptop’s built-in camera, and edit. You can create transitions, effects, titles, add music and more. When your video project is finished, upload directly to youtube, or export to iDVD to burn a disc.

GarageBand is a powerful, easy-to-use music creation application. Sequence MIDI data using your Oxygen25 MIDI controller, with one of GarageBand’s many built-in virtual instruments. Right out of the box you can lay down drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, synth and more. Plug a microphone into your UX2 audio interface and record audio into GarageBand as well.

A simple DVD authoring application, iDVD allows you to build DVD menus, import audio, create slideshows, import video files, and burn to a DVD to send back home, or to watch on your television. This makes for a powerful demo creation tool.

Now its easy to build your own website with iWeb’s drag and drop, template-based interface. Create new pages for videos, photos, a bio and a home page and publish to your web hosting account.


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