Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Discovering Reason"

This week is Reason week at the Learning Center, so the blog posts this week will all be offering useful tips, tricks, and resources for beginning through advanced Reason users.

A great place to start learning Reason (other than the Learning Center's Training Sessions!) is Propellerhead's website.  Besides video tutorials ranging from basic to in-depth explanations of each device in Reason, the tutorials section offers a 36 article series entitled  "Discovering Reason."  These articles are great for people with a fairly good understanding of the devices, but who want to amp up their understanding of Reason, and learn new techniques and effects.  

There are tutorials on advanced and creative uses of common devices such as Dr. REX and Redrum, as well as tips on using the less used and understood devices like the Combinator, Matrix, and Spiders.  There are also 16 articles on "Thor Demystified" because who couldn't use some help with that one!

Check out "Discovering Reason" and start exploring the abundant possibilities to make your Reason projects more interesting and unique.


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