Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Drag Dashboard Widgets onto Your Desktop

Liberate your widgets from the Dashboard--place them on your desktop instead.
One of the most interesting Terminal tips enables you to drag your widgets out of the Dashboard and onto the desktop, where they float above open applications and Finder windows, akin to the Gadgets in Windows Vista’s sidebar. To activate it, type: defaults write devmode YES
You must then log out and log back in, or restart your machine. You can now capture a widget by clicking and holding it, and pressing F12 to dismiss the Dashboard and drop it on your desktop. By capturing a widget that’s on your desktop and pressing F12, you can return it to your Dashboard too. Widgets placed on the desktop function just like they do on the Dashboard.
To disable this feature, repeat the command, replacing YES with NO. Again, you must log out and log in again or restart your Mac for the change to take effect, after which widgets that are already on the desktop can be returned to the Dashboard, but there they must remain.
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