Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adobe Bridge

Today's Blog post by lab monitor Peter B. is about a little used but very useful part of the Adobe Suite-Adobe Bridge.

Have you heard of it? Most people have, but nearly all are somewhat confused and ignorant at its purpose in existence. “What could I possibly use Bridge for? All I’m trying to do is to edit some pictures for my website/facebook/tumblr/blog!” As a result, it sits and waits, unused, jealous that Photoshop keeps getting all the clicks (see right).

Truth be told, it seems like an unnecessary step in editing pictures for whatever purpose you may have. However, if you were to open said program, you would be baffled and wondered at what its functions are, and how valuable Bridge becomes in organizing and viewing your photos.
The first thing you notice after selecting your folders (on the left hand side of the screen) is the sheer volume of information that becomes available to you about your photos. On the bottom left, you’ll see information regarding all of the photos inside the folder. In the folder that I have selected, I can see immediately that there 15 JPEG’s, 13 Photoshop doc’s, and 2 TIFF images. On the bottom right, you’ll see specific information regarding the file that you’ve selected in the content window. Literally EVERYTHING you need to know about said picture will be in this window.

The way you view your files can be customized as well. Looking at the top of the screen, you’ll notice this menu bar here: If you are partial to the “film reel” feel of things that is featured on Mac OSX, you may choose that option here by selecting the “filmstrip” option. The drop down arrow offers even more ways to look at your files. Almost every aspect of all of these options is customizable as well – from the size of the thumbnails to organizing them alphabetically.
Looking at a folder full of files in OSX’s Finder can be somewhat daunting. As a result, poor data management and overlooked problems can occur; whether it’s trying to import an incompatible file type, or accidentally uploading that embarrassing picture of you onto Facebook. In a world where file management is becoming increasingly valuable, Adobe’s Bridge offers an easy to use solution for all of your management concerns. So next time you see it sitting next to Photoshop, give it a click! You won’t be disappointed.


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