Monday, November 29, 2010

Finale Basic Tips

The end of the semester is fast approaching, which unfortunately also means the due dates for final projects are coming up.  To help you get through your projects maybe a little less painfully, here on the LC tech blog we'll be releasing a series of quick tips to help you troubleshoot some very common questions on many of the programs you'll be using.  Up first is everyone's "favorite" Finale.

1.  How do I change the page size of my Document?
  • Select the "Page Layout" tool
  • Under the "Page Layout" menu select "Page Size" and choose the size and orientation you want
  • Also be sure that under the “File” menu then “Printer Page Setup” the proper page size and orientation are selected
  • If you are printing here at the LC the page sizes available are:
      • US Letter (8.5x11) This is the standard size
      • US Legal (8.5x14) This is longer than the standard size
      • Tabloid (11x17) This is the big paper, which you may need for score
2.  How do I get a certain number of measures per system?
  • In the “Utilities” menu select “Fit Measures”
  • The “Fit Measures” window will open
      • (You can also get to this window by pressing Shift+Command+M)
  • Input the number of measures you would like per system then decide if you want this number for the whole piece or a specific range of measures
3.  How do I change the stem directions?
  • While in speedy entry or simple entry mode just hit “L”
4.  How do I write in rehearsal letters?

  • Select the expression tool
  • Double Click the beginning of the Measure
  • Chose “Rehearsal Marks” in the left hand menu of the Expression window
  • Select the style of rehearsal mark you want then click OK
5.  How do I change the size of my staffs in Finale?

  • Select “Resize Tool” (Percent “%” tool)
  • Click the staff, the resize window will open
  • Specify the percentage.
6.  How do I display measure numbers on every measure?
  • Select the “Measure Tool”
  • In the “Measure Menu” select “Edit Measure Number Regions”
  • Click the box next to “Show on every 1 measures beginning on measure 1” hit OK

7.  How do I add more staves after I’ve already opened a document?
  • Click on the “Staff Tool”
  • Click on either “Add New Staves” and selected the number of Staves you wish to add
  • Or Click on “Add New Staves (with Setup Wizard)” to bring back the Document Setup-Add or Delete Instruments Window and select the instrument(s) you wish to add

For information about how to do slash notation and kicks over please see our past blog post about “Kicks Over Time in Finale”  here.


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