Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Waveform Wednesday: Reason Rewire in Digital Performer

Every DAW has its ups and downs.  Have you ever hoped that someone would just combine them into one awesome DAW?  The good news is that you can do this (to an extent).  The better news is that it is really easy to do.  I’m going to show you how to do so in Digital Performer (everyone’s favorite).

Essentially what we are doing is making Reason sync to another DAW. This offers the benefits of DP’s great sequencing and editing capabilities, with the sounds of Reason.  We all know that recording live audio in Reason isn’t possible and sequencing can become quite worrisome.

The first thing we need to do is open DP.  Then we open Reason.  When Reason is opened after another DAW it automatically goes into “slave” mode.  Now it’s simply a matter of “patching” the imaginary chords.

The First thing you want to do is create a few MIDI Tracks for our instruments and one Aux track in order to bring Reason in.  Name the tracks accordingly.

Once we have created the Aux track that we have named Reason we sets its input to Stereo: Reason: Mix L-1-Mix R-2.   We set the output to whatever you are using for output (built-in, mbox, ux2, etc).  This setup allows Reason to be an “instrument” in DP.

Now we go over to Reason.  We’re going to create a Mixer 14:2 and few instruments to go along with it.  NAME THE INSTRUMETNS ACCORDINGLY.  This step is important otherwise it could get very confusing when we began patching reason into our MIDI tracks in DP.

If we press TAB in reason we can see the back of the rack.  You may have noticed that Reason automatically wires itself.  If this has happened go ahead and unwire everything so we are starting from scratch. 

Each of our instruments needs to be patched into the Mixer 14:2.  We take our left and right outs from the first instrument and patch them into the first input.  Named accordingly.  We then take the next instrument and patch that into the second input, and so on and so forth until it looks like this.

We are good to go in Reason.  Now we go back to DP and set up our MIDI track outputs in order to receive their respective Reason input.  Because we have already done all of the groundwork (AND NAMED THE REASON INSTRUMENTS ACCORDINLY), all you need to do is select the output of our MIDI track and set it to what you need.

Record enable and you're good to go!

-by LC Tech Blog contributor Kai Sorensen


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