Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Waveform Wednesday: Tidying Up A Logic Session (part 2)

Does the amount of information on your arrange window ever make you feel claustrophobic?  In Logic, we can organize untidy tracks and regions in various ways.  Here is one feature that can sweep regions from an entire take “under the rug,” so to speak. 

Here we have three different versions of the same tune, so we can send them off for different applications.   We will be working on each chunk separately, and the extra space could be useful.  We can clean up the arrange window by using the “Folders” feature.

First, we select a block of regions that is not currently being edited; go to the “region” menu at the top of the arrange window and click “Pack Folder.”

Now the unused sections are neatly tucked away.   When we click on the folder, it will take us to work on the chunk in a new window, just for that chunk, as if it was it’s own project.

Then, double click anywhere in the arrange window to get back to the original view of all three takes.  If we want to unpack the folder we can go back to the “region” menu and select “unpack folder (use existing tracks)”

-by LC Tech Blog contributor Lonn Hayes


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