Sunday, December 12, 2010

Digital Performer- How do I get sound?!

In Digital Performer, midi tracks simply record information: the keys you play, the velocity, and so on. In order to "get sound" out of DP, you need to send that information to a sound source- typically, an "instrument track."
Instrument tracks host virtual instruments that generate the sound. Let's set up an instrument track by going to Project -> Add Track -> Instrument Track -> BassLine. We'll use BassLine as an example, or you can pick your own.

Notice in this example, the "output" of the instrument track is set to "Built-in Output 1-2" (computer speakers). Next, let's add a midi track: Project -> Add Track -> MIDI Track. Make sure the the output of the MIDI track is set to "BassLine-1-in."

There you have it. Now you've got sound working!

At the Learning Center, our work-stations have many different virtual instruments for you to use, including: Absynth, Akoustik Piano, Battery, Guitar Rig, Kontakt, Reaktor, and many more.


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