Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Track Creation Short Cuts

Taking too long to make tracks in Pro Tools? Here are a few short cuts to get your sessions up and running a little more better:

1. Instead of going to the toolbar and clicking “Track + New,” try pressing Command+Shift+N to open up the track window.

2. Need to add another track? Just press Command+Shift+N again and the track window will extend.
3. If you need something other than a Mono Audio track, use Command+The Arrow keys to change what type of track you will be using.
a. Command+Left/ Right Arrow toggles between Stereo and Mono tracks
b. Command+Up/ Down Arrow will toggle between the different track types (Audio,    Auxillary, Master, MIDI, and Instrument)
4. If you need more than one of the various track types, simply use the “TAB” key to scroll through your New Track window and type in the number of tracks you would like to create, or use the up and down arrows to manipulate the number of tracks.

by Taylor Hatty


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