Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Waveform Wednesday: Kontakt and Logic

How to setup Kontakt and Logic.

1.) Create a new track and make sure to choose a Software Instrument.

2.) Click and select multi-timbral and this will automatically create 16 midi channels.

3.) After creating the tracks, click on the plug-in input and select AU Instruments and then select Kontakt - Multi Output (16 x stereo).

4.) Each channel strip corresponds with different midi channels from 1-16.

5.) Now in Kontakt, choose and add instruments. (not more that 16). The first instrument on the first track in Logic are automatically set to midi channel 1.

6.) In Kontakt, you will have to open the Output mixer and the default settings in Kontakt will be as illustrated. Add as many channels as your available instruments.

7.) Double click to rename the outputs.

8.) In each instrument in Kontakt, you will have set the outputs as illustrated.

9.) Click the [+] in the mixer on logic. This will automatically creates Aux tracks on subsequent midi channels.

Happy sequencing! :)

by LC Tech Blog contributor Dania Zainuddin


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