Friday, June 10, 2011

Fermata Friday: Finale Meta Tools Shortcuts

Finale makes use of tons of shortcuts, and learning them will save you time in the long run. First thing you should be aware of is the tutorial videos and the keyboard shortcuts in the Help menu.

You will notice that in many of the Finale selection windows for the different tools, there are single letters or numbers (either blue in some windows, or in parenthesis in others).

These are Finale's meta-tools. For them to work, you have to have the appropriate tools selected first (ie. articulation tool to place a fermata). Then hold down the shortcut key and click where you want to place the item. It's that simple!

Want more shortcuts? Notation week is going on next week in the Learning Center, and we have many Finale and Sibelius classes to offer, including a Finale Shortcuts class. Check the schedule and sign up here.

-by LC Tech Blog contributor Chris Fitzgerald


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