Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waveform Wednesday: Ableton Live Downloads and Tutorials

For you guys that were at the Wobbles, Womps & Wizardry with Ableton Live Suite 8 forum last night with EPD alumnus Ben Cantil, you already know how cool Ableton Live is. If you missed the forum, you can watch the video at the above link (will be available by July 1st). Whether you are recording, sequencing, editing audio or video, DJing, or performing, Live is an incredible program with something for everyone.

Ableton offers a trial version of Live that doesn't expire, and that doesn't limit anything you can do with the software, except for saving projects and exporting audio. Click here for Ableton's download page to get it.

Click here for an amazing collection of Ableton Live tutorials, and get cracking with it!

Sign up for a Learning Center training session or software tutoring session on Live.

-by LC Tech Blog contributor Chris Fitzgerald


  1. Wobbles, Womps & Wizardry with Ableton Live Suite 8 is new to me. Is there a how to tutorial for a better understanding?