Monday, June 13, 2011

Mac Daddy Monday: Create & Merge PDFs Using Preview

Have you ever found yourself scanning a score or some other sheet music only to have your desktop end up looking like this?
Well with Preview, there’s an easy way to organize these files into a single document. Before we start merging, though, we’ll first have to make them into separate PDFs. We can do this easily by selecting one file at a time and hitting ⌘C (Command, C) to copy it to the clipboard. After that, go to Preview and hit ⌘N (Command, N) to paste the file into a new document.
Now hit ⌘S (Command, S) to save the document, making sure the format is set to PDF. Go through the same steps for each additional file.
Once this is done, it’s time to merge all your files together. To do this, open up one of your newly created PDFs and make sure the Sidebar is open. If it’s not, either hit the Sidebar button by the search box or ⇧⌘D (Shift, Command, D).
Now just drag in the rest of your files and arrange them as you wish. When you’re done, simply save the document (⌘S) and voil√†! No more mess.

-by LC Tech Blog contributor  Michal Skrzypek


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