Monday, June 6, 2011

Mac Daddy Monday: Protect your Mac with Hidden

What would you do if your MacBook were stolen? Perhaps you’d put up flyers asking people if they’ve seen it, urging them to try luring it in with tasty snacks and possibly even offering a reward for its return. Or maybe you’d just accept the fact that life has dealt you this unfortunate hand and start saving up for a new one.

Well, worry no more! Hidden is a great program that will track your MacBook and locate it anywhere in the world should it ever be stolen. In addition, it’ll also take pictures of whoever is using your computer and even screenshots so you can see exactly what they’re doing. A basic account will protect a single computer and costs $15/year. Compared to the price of buying a new MacBook with all your applications, this is practically nothing. So check out Hidden at and, if you’re still not convinced, take a look at to see Hidden in action.

- by LC Tech Blog contributor Michal Skrzypek


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